St. Patrick’s Day

Work can be such a downer, especially today of all days. The Irish are out in full force today. Drinks started with breakfast at 8 am and will continue way after midnight. Yet I am held in these concrete walls of the library.

Most will say that I have no right to complain. The day was mine to quench my thrust up until 445pm, but I am disgusted. While I did have had a morning spot in my tea to ease my thirst, the Irish in me wants more. It also doesn’t help that I will be stuck here till 12:45 am, especially since my co-workers aren’t here to feel my pain.

They have been in bliss since they left while my shift has just begun.  The youngest of the team is sent to spent their youth on the midnight shift. It is the norm everywhere, but just once I would like to raise my fist in defiance for all those trapped by their senors.

Although I never would. I am too loyal to even request the day off. Its sickening.


One Comment on “St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. tony j says:

    and a happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you too

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