Card Party Galore

Every year my mother and another teacher organize and basically run a card party for the grade school that they work at. The theme is always St. Patrick’s Day and its always amazing. This duo doesn’t produce anything unless its amazingly beyond expectations.

Not only does your jaw drop at the prizes, decore, and food. The wallets of these two teachers drop as well. Not only do they help with donations but they buy tickets, a lot of tickets. All in the sake of the school.

If people say Catholic Schools need to close take a closer look at teachers like these and you will think again. Not to say I’m praising my mother solely here, because I’m not. My mother was my 8th grade English teacher. She was a hardass in the classroom and a hardass out of it…a loving hardass.

Back to the card party…with the duo leading the charge parents and I, the dutiful daughter go around selling tickets from door opens to the final call for 50/50, the total for which was $1,251.

In the end one happy woman won the dough, the school received over $18,000. As for my mother: slushy machine, bread making machine, cordless phones, flameless candles, movies, wine, beer, glasses, blanket, and at least two baskets. Half of which was given to her dutiful daughter (thanks big momma).

All in all, exhilarating,  exhausting and illuminating. Sometimes its good when your feet are sore.


One Comment on “Card Party Galore”

  1. ZestyAnnie says:

    You forgot to mention how the kids are breeding to be young alcoholics. 😀

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