The Depths of the Library

Yesterday the library was dark for part of the morning. Maintenance crews decided that 9 am was a great time to shut off power to half of the academic buildings in the area. Fixing something this routine should have been planned but unplanned it seemed like more fun.

Without fail the library was open 8am to 9pm. Patrons even stayed while the power was reset. Lights from the windows provided enough light to read by, but not enough to keep our eyes open. Sleep was the most common side effect but also increased interest in books and traveling to foreign lands occurred in a percentage staff and patrons.

Some staff members braved to venture to the depths of the library with only flashlights to sustain them. Their pursuit was to find what was lost, as claimed by a patron. They also sought lost treasure of the missing locked boxes. The age old secret of the hidden treasure has been protected by librarians for generations.

Their pursuit was no avail but they insist on continuing into the depth of the library again.


5 Comments on “The Depths of the Library”

  1. ZestyAnnie says:

    I have this image of a dark maze with the library shelves acting like twisted hedges separating you from the exit.


  2. tony j says:

    I will never go into the library again. Thanks

  3. Ams says:

    i remember that happening while i was working a couple years ago. darkness is very scary in the library, especially when you’re putting away a booktruck in the middle of the stacks when it happens. :O

  4. Ahh, the perils of library life. Yes, we could be characters in a Tolkien novel: Ladies and Lords of the Library.

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