Easy Reading

The weather has been beautiful this past weekend which hopefully means that spring is finally here to stay.

Mother nature gave NYC up to the Hudson valley a April’s Fouls joke with a weather forecast of snow on Friday. Thankful the snow, which was to rake in 6-10 inches for the Poughkeepsie area, dissipated into rain. It made for a dreary day but overall this weekend has been marvelous for shoppers, families and nature lovers alike.

The consequence of this wonderful weather is that it seems everyone has prolonged their work till Sunday. Putting off what should have been done during the rains on Friday means the library is pack on this wonderful Sunday. It is packed but quiet, as heads are stuffed into books.

For library staff members like myself this means time for spring cleaning and easy reading. So far that means tiding the stacks, fine toning the periodicals, cleaning up the microfilm (yes they still make those) and going through new laptop tutorials. Working at a library also means reading comes with the territory.

Reading more than one thing source is also a common occurrence, with my journalism background and my nature to just want more facts.

Here are a list of periodicals I read at home:

The New York Times (Daily..not all the sections but a good part)

New York Magazine (that comes weekly)

Times Herald-Record (its always good to check up on the local news)

Blogs that I devour(and you should too):

Postsecret.com (not exactly news but a perspective into the human condition)

Left Hand Waving ( some interesting first person stories)

This is me, SO THERE!!!! (a rambling blog)

Mangoes & Green Tea ( a blog of creatives eats, perfect for foodies like me)

The books I am currently reading:

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Tunnels (book 1) by Roderick Gordon

The Sleeping Mermaid by Rob Couteau

Then there are periodicals I read on my lunch break:

(one per lunch break lol)

The New Yorker

Poets & Writers


India Today

Do you think I read enough? lol


2 Comments on “Easy Reading”

  1. Ams says:

    OMG you’re reading shiver? I have that on my Amazon wishlist. Is it good?

    Also, postsecret.com — awesome. I read about it in a magazine and had to check it out a while ago.

    You have some pretty sweet reads going on girl. Keep it up.

    • tthomps says:

      Shiver is amazing!! The tone and language is so in touch with the elements. This author takes this storyline to a whole new level. You never want to put it down.

      Postsecret has exhibits in museums are the country. I’m hoping sometime that I could check it out or go to one the events.

      Thanks for the compliment Ams!! I read so much these days. I’ll post weekly what’s new on my plate.

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