Finals to Taxes

During college midterms and finals week is the ultimate challenge of the semester. Lack of food, sleep and energy culminate the air. Libraries, cafe’s, and lounges are stuffed to capacity. Frantic and anxious a permanent state of being.

Your mind starts to churn out end of the world scenarios that involving missing the alarm for you 8 a.m. test, as you drool over your textbook (there goes its resale value).

When the air clears though you think that after college you have mastered all the tests. Your diploma decrees that while you can master a deadline and complete tasks within your field you will never have to be that depleted unhuman creature again.

But then you learn of this day, this April 18th; the day in which citizens are held responsible for their earnings and lifestyles. Within the preparation to make the deadline for filling taxes the air thickness.

The government is attempting to make a budget and you are attempting to make it to the accountant. Anxiety and uncertain is an interpretable force that moves this country into insomnia.

The moment will come when you just waiting for the world to halt…..then you learn how much the government is returning to your hands so that you can survive another year.

Thank God I did my taxes.


3 Comments on “Finals to Taxes”

  1. LaMonique says:

    finals! ugh…i’m going through that now! I have one more Saturday school to teach and then an exhibition to set up for it. These next 4 weeks are going to be excruciating. I bet you *miss* all of the cramming for finals, projects, and more

  2. ZestyAnnie says:

    lol I love the ending. The good thing about having a father that does other people’s taxes, you can be sure yours will be done as soon as possible to get it out of the way haha.

    Kudos to being responsible, chica.

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