The rain bombared the car. Louder than my senses could take after the long day of driving and traffic.

New Jersey was getting the best of my nerves. The throbbing was increase with every moment I sat with my head against the steering wheel; with every second he started at the back of my head

The car surrounded me with smell of the fresh wood of the desk that I had just bought. Ikea packaging afforded me the luxury of being a perfect fit in the back of the car, barely. It seemed like a minor victory.

It didn’t deter for the ache in my stomach though nor the presume from your stare. It was hard to ignore how much of a failure I was in that moment.

I wanted to run into a rain to be free. But my hands were welded to the steering wheel. My body was magnetized to yours. My brain was caught in the failure and you refused to relinquish me.

Then I lifted my shaking frame and shifted the gears.


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