All in the Month of May

This time last year I had less than a week of my internship left and I was looking for jobs in my free time.

This time last year I had a count down to graduation on my dry-erase board. Everyday began with a to-do list of job applications and ended with either insomnia, or a complete break down and  stress induced sleep.

I missed my sanity and my boyfriend.

This time last year I didn’t know how to live past walking down the isle. Proud friends and family would be watching excitedly while I sat anxious with people I didn’t know even after four years of writing together.

All in the month of May.

This year has no countdown but still lists; grad school, career choices, books to read, tests to take, things to write. This year there are lists with even less direction than last year.

This year I have a job but I’m still itching to write. I have this passionate drive to rush at a deadline, stand on my feet for 12 hours straight just for one good quote, and be adrenaline junky. All of this fails me when it comes to curling up with a book or the boyfriend.

This year there is a boyfriend that is finally where he is suppose to be. Sometimes its hard to keep my sanity of a everyday picture when the bigger picture distracts me.

This year its my cousin’s turn to walk down the isle and feel the frantic, exciting and depressing push towards graduation. I hope he has a better time with post-grad living.

All in the month of May.

I wonder what next year will bring.


One Comment on “All in the Month of May”

  1. LaMonique says:

    May is a very stressful month….graduation, career choices, where to live, how to pay off thousands of dollars in loan….the list goes on. Even though I didn’t graduate yet, I’m still trying to figure out my future.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing. You should definitely keep writing and doing the things you love!

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