You Can’t Hold Me Love

You can’t hold me, love.
heart unsteady
mind no longer ready

You can’t hold me, love.
Horizon hasn’t been clear
all year,
nor all this time.

Held close to you
my mind calms,
but only for a short while.
Feeling you
makes me alive
but just for a moment in time.

You can’t hold me, love.
wanting you more than anything leaves me dry.

You can’t hold me, love.
My plan is undefined
for the years to come
and the time to be.

Holding on makes us whole
but only for a while.
Folding into you
won’t ever make me whole.

So you can’t hold me love.


2 Comments on “You Can’t Hold Me Love”

  1. LaMonique says:

    interesting. Could be a song sung by Michael Buble.
    So I’m a bit terrible with interpreting poems, but I’ll try anyway. I feel as if this poem talks about this woman that is both independent and dependent on a lover. However, she doesn’t want to become so dependent on her lover that it effects her status as an independent woman.
    It also reminds me of a recent movie called Blue Valentine (with Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling—total hottie). Anyway, it’s about what life is really like for a couple after their “happily ever after” marriage. I didn’t watch the movie….only read the script. It’s pretty intense. Here’s the script if you want to check it out:

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