New Anniversary

This year I celebrated a new anniversary.

I stood in the chilled air of graduation wearing basically the same dress as last year, listening to the words of a new president.

Graduation is meant to commemorate the end of an era. Many of the students I knew did that as they shifted their tassels but I don’t think you gain perspective on symbolism till later.

For me that perspective came a year later standing in the chilled air closer to the stage than I was a year before.

I always knew that education was something grounded in experiences not in things. This education could never be taken away from you even if the diploma was never mailed. Non-refundable knowledge.

But I don’t think you can recognize all that you have accomplished in one day. You can commemorate it but this year has been about recognizing the strength and insight it provides everyday not just graduation day.

This life I built this year has walls to call sanctuary, food to call energy, and means of comfort and leisure. It also has bills and responsibilities, and while I don’t admit to be being fully grown adult nor will I ever put to rest the child inside, I do admit that the bills are always paid, the dishes are done and the garbage is taken out.

I stood in the chilled air for those commemorating their day, and for myself. I listened to the commencement speaker wholeheartedly acknowledging these words as truths. The world is vast and this liberal arts degree does go far, as far you will let it.

For the first time in a while I’m optimistic of all the distances to come.


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