Conference Prep: This is day one…

As of recently my weeks have been at Peeps in the microwave level of excitement. Between making new contacts and my dear friend ZestyAnnie helping in this search, the atmosphere of potential opportunities has me clinging to my worn A.P. style book like a baby to its security blanket.

Could change be in the air for this fresh-faced journalist? Could one conference really change everything?

With an opportunity like the SAJA conference I get to strut my stuff in an arena where NYTimes, CNN, Associated Press, NBC, Boston Globe, CBS, Bloomberg and other big name companies will be listening. Its a chance for numerous conclusions.

It’s possible that I could be swept away in the media blitz and my own over-the-top dreaming. But it is also possible that I could walk away with a handful of contacts and a window into this crazy j-business, that is if I don’t float away in the crowds first like Aunt Marge out of the Dursley’s living room.

To keep my feet on the ground and focused on the facts, a journalism approved scale of realism, I’m going to spend the week studying; that’s right, studying. My undergrad days may be behind me, but this mind needs to be in tip-top shape to face-off at the conference.

Refreshing A.P. style is only the tip of newspaper clippings pile. Additions will also be made to my weekly readings to improve my readiness for a journalistic throw-down.

Today’s focus will be to start reading the A.P. style book from A through E and to finish the great epic that is Moby-Duck. Each day of personal achievement will be documented like a good penal code and shall include a rushing flash flood of new information for digestion. With any luck it will keep me on my toes long enough to get noticed at the conference.

This is day one and I’m unstoppable.




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