Conferenc Prep: I broke out the Highlighter

This week has been a constant stream of studying, reading, researching, and oh yeah did I mention studying. This is all in preparation for the big SAJA conference on Saturday!!

This pending epic-of-all-epic event, along with a big job application push over the last couple of weeks, has had me running on a marshmallow-like high. The journalism showdown is coming to the ultimate climax, which is why I’m thankful to have Sunday off to mend my exhausted body afterward.

This week has included reading projects in preparation including: finishing Moby-Duck, reading A-Z through A.P. Style Book and the witty addition of An Absolute Phony Guide On How to Write More Good by the Bureau Chiefs @FAKEAPSTYLEBOOK.

Researching conference speakers and their work started yesterday, which has been a big addition. I broke out the highlighter for the first time in my life to help along the process. Never thought I would use the retched tool, but we talked and it agreed to help me in my mission.

However striving forward in my research caused A.P. Style Guide reading to decrease to turtle speed and then die off around the Ms.

Tomorrow brings new hope, though, as my official weekend begins, bringing with it time to catch up on the A.P. Style Guide and finish off my research on conference speakers. Then its resume printing, and suit packing time.

Power suit to power shoes will bring me together as a force to be reckoned with Saturday, or at-least I hope. No matter what happens this weekend I’m glad that I am going. Within a week I have demonstrated to myself that I still devour information with pride, can study for hours without being distracted, remain undiscouraged by others, and will do anything to complete a task–even break out a highlighter.

I would like to thank ZestyAnnie for her job lists and scheduling skills during my preparation, my boyfriend for buying me wonderful books that keep me amused while educated and my friend Lam for keeping me positive.




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