Life of a 20-something

Some things never change
from college,
living life as a 20-something.

Still struggling
Still sleep deprived
Still ‘figuring’ it out

Barely living on
late night fast food runs
crappy part-time, full-time
jobs, lives.

No, some things never change.

Still budgeted grocery lists
Still late night laundry mats
Still holding our breathe
to the next paycheck

Living without
brand name foods
air conditioning
and vacation funds.

But its still living alive,
this life as a 20-something.


2 Comments on “Life of a 20-something”

  1. I LOVE this. This is my life exactly and it is so frustrating. When does it stop?

    • tthomps says:

      At this point in time I don’t think it does.

      I’ve been reading your blog and I think your writing is very honest. This is the worst situation to be landing in after graduation. I graduated in 2010 and now have an entry-level job that could slip away with all the budget cuts going around.

      My cousin who was an executive chief for close to 10 years got laid off about five years ago and just recently got hired. His job isn’t even in his field but he says at least its better than nothing.

      Its hard out there but keep looking : and are two great sites.

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