Can’t Get Enough of Etsy Shops

My boyfriend thinks I’m obsessed with Etsy. With new handmade treats, vintage treasures, and artistic temptations daily who can blame me! Its also great to know that buying on Etsy helps fuel local artists, which is never a bad thing.

In a country where many big box stores are a staple we need to remember that this world is still artistically driven. In some ways that means showing our personality through interior design, artwork, fashion and other avenues.

Here are my top 10 Etsy stores

1. Beauty Spot quaint jewelry that delights with  simplicity.

2. JJEvensenArt molding spoons for home decor is an awesome way to recycle

3. Simple Shape earthy wall art decals

4. Egg-a-go-go my favorite t-shirt of all time is made by this store.

5. Shann Spishak Art Studio for some awesome pillows

6. Shlomit Ofir delicate jewlery, even though I’m not a big gold fan

7. Katie Blair Awesome journals and prints!!

8. Bug Under Glass fluttering butterflies..need I say more.

9. Crank Cases unique ipod, and iphone cases that define your geeky ways

10. Boots N Gus creative handmade lights that use materials in a new way


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