We Hugged

We hugged that day a decade away and I still think of you now.

We hugged in edged stone rooms away
from classrooms of long chalk and glass
Moments moved together, time spent apart
as bells and whispers echoed through marble halls.

We hugged that day in sisterly embrace
knowing simply the unmoving present,
knowing more than the present connection

We hugged that day in windowless rooms
as blood rose and fell, stained our forever
marked our terrain, scared our safe havens.

We hugged claiming us, one connection,
not knowing numerous connections lost
under ash and glass. Rooted cores were moved
and counting breaths shattered times importance.


One Comment on “We Hugged”

  1. LaMonique says:

    Wow, what a great poem. I also like that you included a funnies to the mix because it shows emotion and feelings. Even though it seems like a silly picture, it really emphasize how we feel about that day.
    Thanks for sharing!

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