22. Buy a New Computer

Beverly is sick of Melinda getting all the attention...already

After months of coupon clippings, and penny pinching  I finally took the plunge and bought a new iMac. Finally waking up and turning on my computer isn’t a feat that allows me enough time to make breakfast in-between logging in and actually gaining access to my computer.

Although after having such a nice pot of gold, seeing it this empty makes me sad. The boyfriend, insists I got a good deal though. Considering that I’m going to get my money back for the printer and a got a $100 gift card, part of the education promo, I agree with him. Plus it will last a long time, which will allow me to grow my money pot for many other things.

So with an exhilarated heart I welcome my new iMac nicknamed Melinda ( I came up with it on the car ride home).

I’m still going to coupon clip though. Now its just an addiction.


3 Comments on “22. Buy a New Computer”

  1. ZestyAnnie says:

    Beautiful. I can’t wait to play with it. And LOVING Bev’s pose next to it. Miss her and miss you 😦

  2. LaMonique says:

    No way! a new computer!!! Melinda looks gorgeous (and so does your cat). I will say, Mac computers will change your life. Yay, I’m happy for you

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