I’m a Dork

Apparently the combination of Trader’s Joe chocolate, prednisone and Mike and Molly make me too emotional for my own good. One phone call to the boyfriend was the proof, I was crying intermediately between sobbing conversation.

To be honest Mike and Molly is a great funny show on CBS. Going into its second season, it could potentially even make Hitler curl into a couch with a block a chocolate and believe in love again. Making me do was easy as pie, which is why I don’t keep pie in the house anymore for obvious reasons.

Honestly another reason I love Mike and Molly is that they are normal overeating people that have found love. Shows like this and Modern Family actually bringing some great parts of reality to TV finally, without making it some unrealistic competition. Yes, I realize not everyone has a comeback or the perfect joke at the right moment but sometimes you get a second chance to really say how you feel, which is the greatest humanistic part of these shows.

Mike and Molly also help me to remember to put down the chocolate, get back to the gym and remember the real reason I’m doing this. I want a future with the boyfriend, and my health is about that future-it also doesn’t help wanting tho fit into something sexy for him. Oh, who am I kidding, I’m dying to wear a shirt with kitty on it. Yeah I finally revealed my crazy cat lady side, but at least the shirt is from Big Bang Theory. It can’t be that bad? Can it?!
I’m a dork.


One Comment on “I’m a Dork”

  1. ZestyAnnie says:

    Hahahaha I love you so much lol.

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