50th Post!!

Woot! Woot!. Happily made it to the 50th post! When I started this blog I knew this was going to be a great outlet for my imagination, thoughts and daily craziness to run wild. Knowing that my friends were in it blogging along with me helped to lay this great foundation.

Through the last fifty blogs, I have learned to stretch my mind in this space and actually become productive with my imagination and my life; that’s saying something considering that as I writer I would rather clean, do laundry, and make a cooking mess all over again as procrastination. Now I am thrilled to be here writing my 50th blog and looking forward to my 100th.

Here is the rundown of things accomplished within the last 50 posts.

Design File: 6 Post

Books read: 20

22 before 25: 3 tasks accomplished

Thank to my friends that started out with me. Keep your fingers and heads open as you continue typing along with me. And thank you to my family and friends, as well as total strangers that have taken an interest in my blog. Cheers to more of what we both love-explosions of ideas and life.


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