Exploration of a crazy one

Exploration is inherent way of man. In questioning, seeking and sharing knowledge spreads. From fire, to the wheel, to the telephone and the first personal computer; man’s exploration has continuously shaped the way we live today. Steve Jobs was a man that continued propelled our world forward. His intense creative genius brought us products that become a core of lives and of our hearts.

I have never met Steve Jobs, but I mourn the loss of his creative genius.

His perspective of the world reminds us to never to let go of our youth. For it is in our imaginative youth that we take risks and explore more than worrying about the fall. It is in our youth that we never stop questioning and pushing.

Working in a cubicle has given me more reason to push myself, to remember the wonder of exploration. Dead ambition and a sloppy work ethic have never defined me. I rebel against this dead feeling cubicle life. In many ways Apple products have helped shaped my exploration and given my rebellion a refined voice.

We know how much Steve Jobs liked the refined.

So thank you Steve Jobs for bringing the results of your amazing explorations into our homes. Thank you for pushing the status quo and breaking all the rules.

May we never follow in your footsteps but go on to define our own. You would have wanted it that way.

You are a crazy one.

Follow the link to watch ‘A Celebration of Steve’s Life’ filmed on October 19 on the Apple campus in California.


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