7. GRE and start Grad school

The process of applying to graduate school has begun. After narrowing down programs and schools I’ve decided to apply for the  (drum roll please) online MLS program at SUNY Buffalo.

It was a challenge to choose a program because for a long time I was undecided about where I wanted my career to really go. Attending a South Asian Journalism conference in New York City gave me a perspective. Consulting friends and family helped me challenge expectations I had for my career.

Becoming a librarian was, in some ways, always in the making; working in library outreach and later reference during college. Getting a job in library circulation job post grad, and partnering with outreach and acquisitions on several projects were the fates showing me the way.

And I always loved books so it became a why not?

The SUNY Buffalo application packet needs to contain:

1. Two Letters of Recommendation ( received one so far)

2. Personal Career Statement

3. Official Transcript (check)

4. Application (check)

5. $50 Application fee (check, literally)

I’m still in the process of finalizing my personal career statement.

The deadline in February 1st.

My personal deadline though is November 15th. Cross our fingers and hope that date sticks.



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