Perserving into packing

Following along with nature, I’ve been making some changes as of recently.

Last week my dear friend JL and I signed a lease to a new apartment with larger living space and a lovely kitchen. The apartment is south of where I am currently which will allow me to be closer to a cultural hub, yummy farms, the boyfriend and a swifter drive to the parental units, while still being a decent distance from work.

In order to make the change, however, I have to tack the task of actually moving my things. Thankfully I have given myself two weeks to slowly pack and move in car loads my lovely belongings.

As a very minimally materialistic person, I didn’t think this was going to be a hard task. Everything in my apartment serves a purpose, so when it came to packing I thought by the first week I would actually run out of things that I could live without for a bit. Unfortunately though, I’m still packing.

When did the common “live within their means” man, or woman in my case get so boggled with things. As a people we used to pack up our lives in a satchel and travel across the world, gathering food as we went. A change of season meant we moved on to literally greener pastures, while preserving what little we had.

Thousands of generations later preserving  has become packing; packing bedding, blankets, books, cables, CDs, chairs, clothes (for all seasons), computer, cookware, crystal, dishware, curtains, DVDs, family heirlooms, furniture, glasses, hats, jewelry,kettle, lamps, mop, mats, pictures,  phone, scarfs, silverware, shoes, television, vacuum, yarn,

And this is just a light load.


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