Design File 11: Closets

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1. via Apartment Therapy 2. via California Closets 3. via Travis Marshall (an Easy Closet design) 4. via La-La Linh   5. via Closet Design

In my web searching I also read interesting post. Apparently people have found a creative way to make audio cassettes in storage space. See it here.

The basic research that I usually do for these posts helped inspire not only my dream closet, but my current one as well.

During the move it was all about cramming things to fit for easy transport. In my past post I stated that I really did consider myself a minimal materialist. This move, along with thorough research, has inspired me to trim back on what I have. Doing so will truly make me happy to look into my closet and find the things I need, emphasis on NEED here, while cutting back on my cluttered and overbearing materialist ways.

With this in mind I am posting my design post early this week  in-order to reorganize my closet this Friday, before the  weekend. With my my organizational cap I will cleanse myself physically and emotional of all the stuff that I no longer NEED.

Sunday’s Design post will contain my first ever DIY. Look for the before and after pictures of my more minimalistic ways.



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