Pushing Towards Clarity: A 2012 New Year’s Resolution Story

“Keep your head up, keep your heart strong. Keep your mind set in your ways,” sings Ben Howard in his song Keep Your Head Up.

It seems the fitting motto for my 2012 as I push forward to complete my 22 before 25 list.

In the past month life got swept away into the pre-work for Christmas and the complete emersion of the holidays. What the New Year allows us to reconnection and focus.

Clarity is important and whether it be found in a craft room or on a treadmill, no one should judge how you find it. The important thing is to hold on to that clarity. As February and March ticks by you will see less people at your local gym, because life takes over people and they forget their goal, their New Year’s resolution. They forget that the ambition towards clarity helps them rise above the everyday.

That is when I will grasp and focus even harder. With my 24th birthday in August the push is increasingly prevalent. I am determined to achieve all of these goals before I turn 25.

For this year my focus will be to:

1. Finish making 25 blankets for charity (5 completed)

2. Starting grad classes in Fall

3. Loosing 50 pounds

4. Buying a full sized bed

5. Working on reading 200 books (20 accomplished)

6. Complete a collection of poetry ( 3 poems away from goal)

and 7. Attend a wine tasting.

If I can get those main goals accomplished that I can feel my sense of clarity in fulfilling this life of mine.

Remember that achieving your New Year’s resolutions is always a possibility. Here are some tips on how to choose a New Year’s Resolution. Everyday can be a success through planning and patience, just be realistic about your goals.


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