When We lived

Remember when we stood outside the concert in NYC’s winter air with electric running threw our bodies.

The night was young in this city so we thought, “Why not live?”

Grabbing a subway to Columbia we met a boy you fancied. Snow began to fall.

The earth wasn’t fazed and neither were we.

Clock’s weight was lost.

Three of us gobbled shakes and pizza. Soon your lips were frantic around his; my mind lost in snow and current.

Skipping through streets the white thickened, our feet quickened.

Clock’s weight was found.

Tucking your boy back into his ivy tower we too flew.

Beating hearts and minds. No rhythm, no pathway.
Shoes schlepped in protest under ground. Lungs lagged.
Bodies pushed from marble to darken platforms.
Our last hope homeward bound seen.
Then doors closed. Fate sealed.

We falter. Despair fills aching bodies. Failure saturates minds.

Suddenly doors swing.Tough-love conductor calls out.

Final shot. We fly.

Last speck of energy depleted, we plummet into seats.

Drenched, joyful, alive.

Remember that night we lived?


One Comment on “When We lived”

  1. ZestyAnnie says:

    🙂 It was a crazy, wonderful night

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