18. Go to a Fenway game


A shrine to baseball fans, Fenway park has been the home the Boston Red Sox for 100 years. The park opened in April 1912. Since then it has seen a city grow around it. For baseball fans around the globe it is an honor to sit in these hollowed halls and watch American’s favorite past-time, even if you are a Yankee (just don’t say it to loudly if you want to survive nine innings).

20120618-101351.jpgLuckily, the stadium was opened to help celebrate this Father’s Day. Visitor’s were allowed to stroll on the beloved field and take pictures with World Champion trophies and even in the dugouts.

While most fans lined up for the home team dugout, I took the pleasure in seating on the visiting teams side with the bf.

Now my original goal was to sit and watch an old baseball game in one of America’s most known sports venues but I think I did one better by sitting in the dug out. This sure wasn’t something you could do during a game. Plus its the closet this NY girl could possibly get to Derek Jeter’s butt. 20120618-101419.jpg

In the grand scheme of things it was an honor and very exciting to feel the American history and tradition present in this stadium. You don’t have to be Sox fan to appreciate this place.

With that I’m glad to cross this little dosie off my list. It wasn’t exactly a game, but I can say that I went above and beyond with this one goal.


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