11. again…Back to the Gym

This is called giving it the old try. The ‘if first you don’t succeed try again’ kind of can-do spirit your Mom is always pouring on about. Lets just hope this time it works.

Last time I signed up for a gym with the goal of using it to loose the 50 pounds, that I’m still staring down. For a while there it was working, and the can-do spirit was glowing from my ears. Then I combination of events like snow storms in October and/or moving for example sent me in a downward spiral. That gleam of hope was lost, while I lost 30 pounds and then put 20 back on. It was a sad time, and I crocheted or read to forget about it ( I really do have a lot of charity blankets in my house right now).

Luckily there is a little tiny ray left, and a bf that loves me enough to kick that little ray into gear. So starting last week I’m signed up at a new gym with more flexible hours which helps with my late work hours, and better equipment that helps me forget I’m at a freaking gym, i.e. CNN. The first couple of times I left with wobbly legs after burning enough calories to just cover lunch. This week though I’m looking forward to pushing through that wall and burning through not just the calories but the weight.

Its time to take this seriously, because while I know I will never be a skinny rail- honestly skinny butts hurt when sitting, think about it-but I’ve also learned that being the fat person say if a zombie apocalypse where to arise wouldn’t be a good thing either. With that its back to the gym and probably reading less apocalyptic books.


One Comment on “11. again…Back to the Gym”

  1. Ams says:

    Keep it up, wobbly legs! You can do it!

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