10. Take a Road Trip (continued)

Gain Perspective

Setting out on the road with wide eyes and free spirits, we three girls looked to forget the world. We drove through the night gripping the wheel, never letting up on the gas, and singing to keep awake.

By morning we were half slap happy, half cranky coffee deprived, and completely getting weird looks from the concierge, who I dubbed delightful in my odd state.

To the beach we set for sun, surf, and to become complete bums, it took longer for some than others (love you Annie). But soon we forgot the everyday budgeting worries. We forgot that there more days than paychecks to cover them. Some of us even forgot about reapplying sunscreen (ok that was just me).

Relinquishing of life’s worries let us live. Soon it was about riding the carousel, picking out seashells, trying on the weird hat, and piercing things. And our lives became a little richer for it, even if our wallets are a lot emptier.

At the end of the day we let our childhood win to let gain perspective. That was the point.

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