Countdown to 25

With the coming of Fall the race is on to read more, crochet more, and explore more.

It’s less than a year till I turn 25-years-old. With that in mind, I want a big chunk of the list to accomplished by the year’s end.  The tip of the ice berg are the 9 blankets for charity still to be made,  wine to tasting to attend, a tattoo to get, and a larger bed to jump into. Although with a lot of hope and tedious planning everything will work out.

I even got a new journal to help me out on some of the writing assignments that are on the list. Most likely I will be submitting something to the Chronogram in the next couple of weeks. That is something I would  love input from my wonderful readers and supporters. I will keep you posted on the progress, but the general idea is that I will give you 5 posts and you pick the top three you think are worth the printing press.

Keep in touch. Things are going to moving along with lightening speed now, as we race against the clock.


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