19. Attend a Wine Tasting

In the last couple of weeks things have been exciting but also stressed. Time has been filled with budgeting, measurements, and what-ifs. Working out the apartment to fit a new lifestyle is the ultimate tetris. I will be overjoyed with the results,especially the new bed (stay tuned), its just the fact of getting there.

With all that it was definitely time for a stress reliever that A) helps achieve a goal on the list and B) relaxes without breaking the bank. With a little help from my dear friend Annie we set out on a day of relaxation.

View from Benmarl’s Winery

First it was brunch at a local dinner for a yummy meal of eggs Benedict and eggplant wrap (yes Annie, you did leave the other half at my house). Then it was off to the Benmarl Winery, which I scouted out as A) easy to get to and B) providing great wine without the big a big production.

It didn’t disappoint.  The 37 acre estate overlooks the Marlboro valley right out to the Hudson River. It is historically recorded as the oldest licensed winery in New York. As pure slice of nature beauty it is easy to see why. Wandering among the vineyards you experience the natural habitat for a variety of bees, beautiful butterflies and some funny looking caterpillars. My mind was put to easy as us girls wandered the property, of almost fairytale forest proportions.

Stopping by the Tasting Room, we enjoyed a variety of wines. Many of their grapes are grown in small batches shipped from their vineyards across the state to provide a texture that defines their wines.

Array of Benmarl’s award-winning wines

However, one of our favorite red wines was their homegrown 2010 Estate Cabernet Franc, which was refreshingly light for a richly colored red wine. Its flavor hinted of raspberry and spices that appealed to the taste buds without overwhelming them. At last! Here is a red wine without an overwhelming bitter richness that I could delight in. In my head I was doing a happy dance, but in reality I smacking my lips. The vineyard’s grapes that composed this wine make it the winery’s pride and joy, taking home awards at the 2012 Hudson Valley Wines & Spirits Competition.

My second favorite wine was their wine Traminette wine. By definition Traminette is a wine hybrid, that crosses a French-American grapes with a German grapes. In reality the taste is more like a fruity blush wine with just a hint of crisp. This wine never overwhelms, instead it leaves you wanting for more. Which is when I started asking myself how much is too much time to spend at a winery.

After the wine taste we spent some time under the gazebo, relaxed in our girl talk banter. It was the perfect fix to ease my mind about the apartment and Annie’s about a new job. Hope we can do this again sometime ( I even picked up a bottle of wine to make sure of it).

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