2. Buy a Full Sized Bed

Cloudy with a chance of Queen Comfort


I have not known sleep nor wonder until now. Ladies and gents I present to you my new pride and joy, my queen size bed. The bf and I set it up this weekend. This baby is a Seally with a semi-firm foundation. Then it is topped off with a plush 3-inch memory foam topper with a level 3 density that we got from Overstock. Its like being hugged by a cloud nightly.

For a finesse  the foundation was cloaked and pinned to a navy blue bed skirt that was basically whatever they had at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The mattress was then dressed in Target Home blue organic sheets, and Target Home extra firm pillows.

Beverly among the blankets


Puffed on top is a blowing white duvet cover, and then a blue with white stripped linen duvet cover with covered buttons(both Ikea buys). Then an Ampersand pillow from Esty shop Fanny Elisabeth Designs to touch it off (I can’t help myself when it comes it an amazing Esty find).

Leaving it every morning causes me heart ache, but then Beverly takes my place. I guess its ok as long as someone is enjoying it as much as I do.

Thanks again to everyone that helped out not only this weekend but in the weeks previous to make this plush wonder possible! Goodbye tiny twin bed….oh, hello sleeping in a cloud.



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