One day

sleepless dreams
comes rushing in
sunlight dancing among the leaves.
and in your youth, you
you will dream
endless things
in this changing place

all to be seen

oh, but I know
one day
this will all change

outside of sleepless dreams

oh and I know
the past will be
what pushes you to see
more than one day

outside of youthful ways

I know one day
the past will be
what makes you see
the days to be

all to be seen
outside of sleepless dreams
and youthful ways
oh, one day
one day


2 Comments on “One day”

  1. lmcdaniel says:

    just remember it’s just one day. good job on your words

    • TerraRecycled says:

      Thanks. Sometimes I just get a rhythm stuck in my head and I just have to with it. This was what was going through my head the last couple of nights.

      Hope you enjoy. Thanks for the compliment!!
      Love to all my wonderful readers!!

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