Thanksgiving Reflection

So typically in a couple of hours my family will be sitting around the table. Glasses full, red checked and already teasing each other (in good and bad ways). As the food is all set down we join hands and go around the table saying the things you are thankful for this year. It gives everyone in the family a chance to contemplate, well not too hard this is my family after all. They are too much of jokesters to be serious for too long.

Anyway, this year I will be spending Thanksgiving around another family’s table. Which made me think about all the things and I love and hate (let’s be realistic here) about my family’s Thanksgiving. After thinking about my favorite part, I would have to say  it would have to be when we hold hands for a moment (or typically 10 minutes-some cousins are always kinda taken off guard by it as if we don’t do it every year) to say what we are thankful for.

The food is great and delicious, which I appreciated to a whole new level when I was a starving college student. Yet there is something that I really appreciated about that moment. I remember as a kid sitting in my room laying on my bed, when I was suppose to be getting ready, and contemplating what I would say when it was my turn (yeah I was a really serious kid-I also added up how much my christmas presents would cost to make sure I wasn’t costing my parents a fortune, but that’s another story).

So this year enjoy the food but remember why we even exist and give thanks not only to your parents, but also to the pilgrims that gave smallpox to those nice Native Americans. Who am I kidding this holiday is just screwed. We really just fuel up massively to thoroughly trample each other tomorrow. Ahh, I tried.


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