Reflection on 2012 aka book/cookie time

At the beginning of 2012 I made resolutions (original post) like the majority of people throughout the world. And something we all have in common is that there are some we achieve and others we just try to forget we wanted to accomplish in the first place. In full disclosure there are probably a few like that on my list, as I eat another cookie. Please no judgments though as I present to you the accomplishments of 2012!!! (drum roll if you love climactic sound effects, simply shrug and read on if you don’t)

1. Finish making 25 blankets for charity- Completed 17 blankets

2. Starting grad classes in Fall- Reapplied for Fall 2013 and waiting to hear back. Keep your fingers crossed you beautiful people!!

3. Loosing 50 pounds ( can we just not talk about this one)

4. Buying a full sized bed ( number 2 on the 22 before 25 list)

5. Working on reading 200 books (20 accomplished)- 85 accomplished to date. I’m huddling down this winter with some classics, it’s about to get interesting.

6. Complete a collection of poetry ( 3 poems away from goal)

and 7. Attend a wine tasting (number 19 on the 22 before 25 list).

Other items checked off the 22 before 25 list include:

10. Take a Road Trip-Accomplished August 8 traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC

11. Get a Gym Membership- More or less found a gym better for my work schedule

18. Go to a Fenway Game Accomplished Father’s Day 2012 at the Walk in Park event

For all of the accomplishments of 2012 I would definitely check it into the success category. Did it have its up and downs? Hell yes; especially where budgeting is needed to accomplish such goals. Overall though it’s time to pat myself on the back and dig into the rest of my list.


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