16. Have a silent movie marathon

Before the magic of sound, color, green screen, CGI, 3-D and higher frame per minute speed there was the simple magic of silent movies. It was a time when we relied on dramatic music, exaggerated gestures, title cards and a little of our own imagination to bring the story together.

The earliest films didn’t even have stories but where simple observations of everyday activities. In fact the first movie shown commercially was The Kiss (1986) an Edison Film which caused quite some controversy in its day, as it was the first on screen kiss during a very conservative time. Today I watched it without  a thought to its PDA nature.

On so many level we have advanced to the point that sometimes it feels like we forgot all the challenges of the past that led us to a more developed future; not just in technology but also society.

In order to appreciate the history and the accomplishments of film, I felt it was important to watch cinemas grandfathers forge the way all over again. To sit in my living room watching these classics in my pants ( what a scandal for a women) may not be how they intended it, but I will soak in these amazing artifacts that so clearly demonstrate our history. Here is the selection of silent movies that I watched over this weekend:

The Kiss (1897) Edison Films

A Trip to the Moon [Le Voyage Dane La Lune] (1902) Méliès films

The Great Train Robbery (1903) Edwin S. Porter

San Francisco Earthquake (1906) Edison Films

Charlie Chaplin Collection (1914)

Sherlock Jr. (1924)

The Phantom of the Opera (1924)

Nosferatu (1929)


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