Reflection on 2012 aka book/cookie time

At the beginning of 2012 I made resolutions (original post) like the majority of people throughout the world. And something we all have in common is that there are some we achieve and others we just try to forget we wanted to accomplish in the first place. In full disclosure there are probably a few like that on my list, as I eat another cookie. Please no judgments though as I present to you the accomplishments of 2012!!! (drum roll if you love climactic sound effects, simply shrug and read on if you don’t)

1. Finish making 25 blankets for charity- Completed 17 blankets

2. Starting grad classes in Fall- Reapplied for Fall 2013 and waiting to hear back. Keep your fingers crossed you beautiful people!!

3. Loosing 50 pounds ( can we just not talk about this one)

4. Buying a full sized bed ( number 2 on the 22 before 25 list)

5. Working on reading 200 books (20 accomplished)- 85 accomplished to date. I’m huddling down this winter with some classics, it’s about to get interesting.

6. Complete a collection of poetry ( 3 poems away from goal)

and 7. Attend a wine tasting (number 19 on the 22 before 25 list).

Other items checked off the 22 before 25 list include:

10. Take a Road Trip-Accomplished August 8 traveling to Myrtle Beach, SC

11. Get a Gym Membership- More or less found a gym better for my work schedule

18. Go to a Fenway Game Accomplished Father’s Day 2012 at the Walk in Park event

For all of the accomplishments of 2012 I would definitely check it into the success category. Did it have its up and downs? Hell yes; especially where budgeting is needed to accomplish such goals. Overall though it’s time to pat myself on the back and dig into the rest of my list.


Thanksgiving Reflection

So typically in a couple of hours my family will be sitting around the table. Glasses full, red checked and already teasing each other (in good and bad ways). As the food is all set down we join hands and go around the table saying the things you are thankful for this year. It gives everyone in the family a chance to contemplate, well not too hard this is my family after all. They are too much of jokesters to be serious for too long.

Anyway, this year I will be spending Thanksgiving around another family’s table. Which made me think about all the things and I love and hate (let’s be realistic here) about my family’s Thanksgiving. After thinking about my favorite part, I would have to say  it would have to be when we hold hands for a moment (or typically 10 minutes-some cousins are always kinda taken off guard by it as if we don’t do it every year) to say what we are thankful for.

The food is great and delicious, which I appreciated to a whole new level when I was a starving college student. Yet there is something that I really appreciated about that moment. I remember as a kid sitting in my room laying on my bed, when I was suppose to be getting ready, and contemplating what I would say when it was my turn (yeah I was a really serious kid-I also added up how much my christmas presents would cost to make sure I wasn’t costing my parents a fortune, but that’s another story).

So this year enjoy the food but remember why we even exist and give thanks not only to your parents, but also to the pilgrims that gave smallpox to those nice Native Americans. Who am I kidding this holiday is just screwed. We really just fuel up massively to thoroughly trample each other tomorrow. Ahh, I tried.

Countdown to 25

With the coming of Fall the race is on to read more, crochet more, and explore more.

It’s less than a year till I turn 25-years-old. With that in mind, I want a big chunk of the list to accomplished by the year’s end.  The tip of the ice berg are the 9 blankets for charity still to be made,  wine to tasting to attend, a tattoo to get, and a larger bed to jump into. Although with a lot of hope and tedious planning everything will work out.

I even got a new journal to help me out on some of the writing assignments that are on the list. Most likely I will be submitting something to the Chronogram in the next couple of weeks. That is something I would  love input from my wonderful readers and supporters. I will keep you posted on the progress, but the general idea is that I will give you 5 posts and you pick the top three you think are worth the printing press.

Keep in touch. Things are going to moving along with lightening speed now, as we race against the clock.

National Library Card Month

Take advantage of your community’s best asset, your local library.

Library= Free. What’s not to love?

This month the American Library Association is celebrating National Library Card Month.  With September speeding on by I figured I would remind you all to check out your local library.

If wall to wall books don’t turn your fancy check out their magazine, movie, audio book and music collections. Libraries also offer internet passes, teen and children geared events, and classes on everything from using their website to how to dress up your resume. Check out your local library for events and even special offers to local museums.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn,” said Benjamin Franklin, a great supporter of libraries. With that in mind, go to your local library signup for a free card and get involved.



10. Take a Road Trip (continued)

Gain Perspective

Setting out on the road with wide eyes and free spirits, we three girls looked to forget the world. We drove through the night gripping the wheel, never letting up on the gas, and singing to keep awake.

By morning we were half slap happy, half cranky coffee deprived, and completely getting weird looks from the concierge, who I dubbed delightful in my odd state.

To the beach we set for sun, surf, and to become complete bums, it took longer for some than others (love you Annie). But soon we forgot the everyday budgeting worries. We forgot that there more days than paychecks to cover them. Some of us even forgot about reapplying sunscreen (ok that was just me).

Relinquishing of life’s worries let us live. Soon it was about riding the carousel, picking out seashells, trying on the weird hat, and piercing things. And our lives became a little richer for it, even if our wallets are a lot emptier.

At the end of the day we let our childhood win to let gain perspective. That was the point.

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10. Take a Road Trip

As the sun sets the road lays before us three girls. The goal is to forget about our “rubbing two pennies together” lifestyle and remember what it is to live young and adventurous.
So we depart from NYC and journey to Myrtle Beach. We rejoice to leave behind our jobs and responsibilities, and we look forward to the adventure of the road!

Look out! More to come.

The Joys of Moving

The last two weeks of packing all my worldly possession culminated into last weekend. With careful planning I was going to rise Saturday to finish the last load and leave my old apartment behind me, or at least that was the plan.

Fate, on the other hand, had a more twisted design. Instead of being able to complete my packing before Saturday, illness struck with a mighty fist. All energy escaped from my body even as I struggled a clear passage through my nose and my living room. Even then my throat croaked, and I was left with nothing. Within two days I thought there might be reprieve, when my twisted stomach handed me over to the evil fates with a final heave. A porcelain mug and a might soft couch, both provided by the boyfriend, where the only things that could avail me.

Waking Saturday I dreaded the day, but forced optimism. Survival was not a choice!

We had to heave a bed, dresser, and couch from a first floor apartment into a second floor walk-up with a doorway with a hatred for anything wide. With the force of the boyfriend, JL and I, somehow a 34″ wide couch fit through a 30″ wide door frame. That’s when I knew, through the sweat and dizzy delirium, that this day was actually going to be successful not just survived.

By 11pm the bedroom was mostly organized and sleepable, and the living was the image of perfection. The remaining kitchen wares would be pieced together over the last days. Survival was not a choice, but this level of success was godly!

Today as I finish unpacked the last of my bags,  life finds a new and improved routine. In this there is infact joy from the result of moving, even when the act was a so so challenging.

Please let me never have to do it again.